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Covid-19 update - New work measures Effective April 6th, 2020

The current COVID situation is taken very serious at Monkey Tree Services,  We decided to take a 14 day break and work out our personal isolation process.  Since then we have cleared a 14 day period and have resumed operations.  Each of our staff drives a designated vehicle to and from the job site and will not have contact with other vehicles.  Tools and equipment are sprayed with a bleach or alcohol disinfection solution through out the work day. The inherent nature of the job and lack of close proximity operations allows us to maintain a separation on the site. The crew has decided to sustain mindful operations. We are taking and scheduling estimates and are able to maintain an administrative process through this time so please reach out and address estimate requests as needed.  Our consulting and certified arborist reporting operations remain in full, until further notice.

In this time is is imperative to reduce and eliminate most physical or social overlaps, in order to viably address the current situation.  Stay safe out there, and if you do have a tree issue please reach out and we can address it in the current capacity as best we can.

Maintain control of your monkey mind, quiet, calm assertiveness is needed at this time!

Talk soon,
Seth Mennie,
Director of Operations.
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