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Pre- & Post-development Assessment
Trees play a vital role in the landscape of both old and new properties. Development usually means tree removal, but this does not have to be the case. An understanding of sound engineering practices and tree root structure can allow for trees to be retained in a way that complements the new development. Assessment of the trees on your property in the planning stages of development goes a long way to ensuring retention of tree assets, and to enhancing your development design in a way that incorporates and makes the most of your trees. Consultation can provide information on construction techniques that allow retention of trees in proximity to new development. Consultation also provides information on protecting your trees throughout the construction process. Once your development project is complete, a qualified tree assessment ensures optimization of your tree benefits and landscape enhancements, and a tree maintenance program provides the means to ensure these benefits and enhancements are retained by your property over time.

Tree Risk Assessment
When does a tree put people and property at risk? Tree risk assessment by a qualified tree risk assessor is a rational way to discern real from imagined concerns about tree risk. It is possible to place a distinct risk rating on your tree, which will allow you to review and understand the factors influencing the safety of your tree in its specific circumstances. Armed with this knowledge, tree risk can be mitigated, alleviating anxiety about potential adverse tree impacts.

Monkey Tree Services Ltd – history & credentials
Monkey Tree Services Ltd has been operating since 2001. During this time, owner Seth Mennie has established himself as a knowledgeable arborist and tree risk assessor. His qualifications include:
  • -ISA Certified Arborist PN-2030A (since 2000)
  • -Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) (2014)
  • -BC Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor (2018)

The company holds current provincial WorkSafe clearance. Seth is qualified/registered with the provincial court system as an expert witness in the field of Arboriculture, with proven success in litigation. He has over 15 years experience in planning and new house construction in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and New Westminster. His expertise is sought out by developers and civic personnel alike. His in-depth and diverse skill set complements and contributes to sustainable urban tree retention strategies.

Service area
Our general Shuswap service area includes Salmon Arm, Canoe, Blind Bay, Eagle Bay, Sorrento, Notch Hill, Sicamous, Enderby and Armstrong. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to address your consulting tree service needs!

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