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Biodegradable chainsaw oil (BAR OIL), does your tree service use it ?

Monkey Tree Services Ltd
was founded in 2001. Since the inception of the business the owner made the directive to only use "Green" or "Bio-Degradable" chainsaw lubrication (BAR OIL). Most all chainsaw lubrication is petroleum based and is used only to reduce friction in the chain and bar. As everyone knows petroleum in raw format poured into the environment is bad bad bad!

For this application, it is added to a reservoir on the chainsaw and pumped into the chain assembly. Indirectly it is literally pumped out and dispersed into the environment in micro droplet form.  All this while the cutting action of the chain saw is being done.  Currently we use approximately 120 litres of "Bar Oil" per year. With over 20 years of ongoing chainsaw use we directly (by purposeful intention) stopped the direct application of approximately 2400 litres of petroleum chainsaw lubrication product into your direct back yard and the larger back yard of Vancouver. If one speculates there is 10 legitimate reputable companies operating in just Vancouver city, that could be approximately 24,000 litres of petroleum based lubrication oil in the local watershed over the same 20 year period. The cost difference is negligible and has averaged about 10-15% more in cost vs conventional petroleum lubrication. Buying bulk makes it even less.  This is a very large reason why you should choose Monkey Tree Services for your tree needs!

Next time you need tree work consider what chainsaw oil will be sprayed into your back yard!

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