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Fertilization and Spraying

Prepare your landscape for warmer months and outside fun with fertilization treatments for your trees and shrubs. An appropriately handled root system allows for leaf and floral development through these warm and fantastic months.

The advanced nutrient tree fertilizer program provides vital nutrients to the soil in your landscape. Our certified Vancouver arborists can figure out accurate intervals based on the specific needs of your trees. Variables such as tree species, soil conditions; tree age, tree diseases, health, location, weather condition and stress conditions all factor into the tree fertilizer formula that your arborists will formulate for your house.

A balanced diet plan at the correct time is vital for animals, humans, reptiles and plants. And appropriate fertilization at the correct time is very important for trees. Trees and shrubs need nutrients to sustain the metabolic process of the tree. There are at least twenty essential elements for plants. The most cardinal, however, are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K).

In a metropolitan or rural environment, nutrient shortages are a particular risk to the health of your trees. In these environments, leaves, your tree’s natural nutrient source, typically are gotten rid of. As an outcome, the trees on your property are forced to compete with grass and other plants for continuing to be nutrition supply and water. This coupled with tension from compacted soils, dry spell and root area infringement triggers health problems.

We offer prescribed fertilization programs to stimulate root development and ultimately enhance the charm and longevity of your trees and shrubs. Based upon your individual environmental needs, an Arborist Agent will certainly recognize deficient nutrients, pH issues and established a customized treatment program to match your requirements.


Deficiency of this element causes slow development, lessened leaf size or number of brochures, and leading to pale green leaves.


This shortage triggers abnormal reddish purple pigment on the petioles or inter-veinal locations of broadleaved types. These signs in some cases develop without obvious change in foliar density or leaf size on established plants.


Deficiency of potassium triggers slow development, browning of idea margins and interval locations of the leaves, and shoot dieback. It also increases sensitivity to freezing and enables susceptibility to different conditions.

Frequency of fertilizer application depends upon a number of factors such as the kind of soil, time of year, or type of tree or shrub. Testing the soil pH level is necessary for reliable fertilization applications. If the soil is too alkaline, iron solubility is decreased and after that ends up being not available to the tree.

Excess fertilization can be an issue. It can hurt trees and decrease tolerance to certain tension problems. City Arborist Tree Care utilizes a 50 % organic fertilizer which is safe for humans, pets, and the environment.

Contact our certified arborists today for an expert fertilization spraying.

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