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Cabling and Bracing

Trees growing in woody areas are typically not a hazardous. Trees that are close to homes or other buildings, however, often require extra support and preservation measures to keep them structurally sound and safe for the people and buildings nearby. If branches or tree trunks need additional support, an expert arborist might have the ability to install cables or bracing rods. If cables or braces are installed, they should be checked regularly. The amount of added security offered by the setup of support hardware is restricted. Not all weak limbs are candidates for these measures.

As a tree grows, the angles that exist amongst limbs determine structural capacity. Branches that form with a “U” shape angle will be more sturdy than their narrow “V” shaped counterparts. When a tree is young, the pressure put on a narrow angle is generally very little. However, as the tree grows, the weight of the canopy and the extra load produced by winds, snow, or damp foliage might be more than the attachment can support. In some rare cases, even a heavy seed crop can cause limbs to divide or break. Effectively installing a cable can redistribute the load allowing limbs to support each other.

The setup of cables and bracing rods, together with pruning to reduce end-weight can lower the likelihood of a structural failure. Effectively installed cables help to redistribute structural weight, and bracing rods can offer assistance to branch accessories deemed weak. A mix of cabling and bracing installed by a certified Vancouver arborist, such as the experts at Monkey Tree, can effectively deal with existing splitting limbs and trunks. A Qualified Vancouver or Richmond Arborist can very well figure out if your trees can take advantage of the installation of cables and bracing rods.

In other cases, such as that of mature trees with broad spreading canopies, cables can be used to keep excess foliage from hanging too low and hitting the heads of pedestrians or cars. Hanging tree branches commonly droop lower with the weight of even just a single year’s growth. These limbs can be cabled to keep a certain height or to offer clearance above a walk, drive, or roof. Such cabling is a healthier alternative to the removal of huge branches.

Tree Cabling and Bracing does not ensure to eliminate any serious structural problems, however. It is merely conducted to improve the structure of a tree or better accommodate trees in more metropolitan areas such as Vancouver and Greater Vancouver.

An expert Licensed Richmond Arborist must be able to confirm if your tree needs the procedure from analyzing it from the ground; however, climbing the tree may be required for making a detailed evaluation. Supplemental structural support should only be set up based upon a comprehensive examination and assessment of tree structure by a certified Lower Mainland arborists.

Tree Cabling and Bracing is recommended for heritage or uncommon species trees, however can be done on any tree.

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