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Arborist Consulting Services

We are arborists, surveyors and design specialists, the perfect choice to stock, examine, manage and improve your grown and native landscapes. Our tree consultants want to provide you with appropriate appraisals, honest solutions and clear outlines for all of your tree-related needs. We have worked across the Lower Mainland, assisting our customers and satisfy the obstacles of handling all types of tree and plant related problems.

Our certified Monkey Tree Vancouver and Richmond arborists are the preeminent authorities on matters connected to trees– making sure the security, health, and conservation of trees in our natural surroundings. Both homeowners and market professionals will discover a number of different needs to work with our Vancouver consulting arborists to accomplish their goals.

Trees in our industrialized environment can be quite the challenge; requiring careful planning and vigilant maintenance. The shared public trust of federal governments, companies, and homeowners is to ensure that trees grow, prosper, and remain safe. When an issue occurs– if a tree triggers damage or becomes a public danger– a source for suggestions and mediation is commonly needed. This is the function of the Consulting Arborist and Monkey Tree Services. We provide a thorough, unbiased viewpoint to the diagnosis, appraisal, and examination of arboricultural issues.

Consulting Arborists are tree professionals who recommend in the most tough situations. Their experience in the science and practice of arboriculture and their practical, ethical, and unbiased role of specialist are essential to two unique groups of individuals:

Industry experts, such as law practice, insurance companies, energies, land designers, architects, and municipalities who require:

  • Reports on trees, and plants in general
  • Expert statement in court
  • Examination of the ecological impact of land development
  • Examination on tree conservation
  • Knowledge for land planning
  • Education about preserving trees
  • Forensic investigation into tree issues
  • Assessment on care and maintenance
  • Evaluation of dangers and hazards

Landowners, such as homeowners, realty owners, designers, and others who require:

  • Understanding of tree care, preservation, and upkeep
  • Expertise about tree and plant selection and planting
  • Evaluation and recognition of tree dangers and dangers
  • Recommendations on tree conservation
  • Appraisal of trees
  • Investigation into tree conflicts and carelessness
  • Evaluation of plant product and tree problems

Maintaining the optimized health of your trees by getting an accurate, detailed assessment of your tree population with a Licensed Arborist with Monkey Tree Services.

Pre- and post-construction reports can also be offered where municipal by-laws need an arborist’s examination of tree conservation requires before, during and after the building procedure. Our certified arbor reports can come in use in all steps of planning and in future revisions. Having a thorough examination of property and plants can provide excellent proof of development and evidence of the measures taken to ensure public and personal safety.

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