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Our goal at Monkey Tree Services is to provide the best quality of tree work available on the current Vancouver Arborist market. The best decision is an informed decision, and our certified Vancouver arborists will provide you with all the relevant information that is available and applicable to your individual arboriculture needs, whether it is pruning, crown reduction, long term maintenance programs, stump grinding, or any and all removal requirements.

All of the climbing staff we employ are Certified Tree Climbers, and we use state of the art rigging systems as required for difficult removals or large scale pruning where nothing can be left to chance. Our company founder has been a Certified Vancouver Arborist with The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) since 2000, and is a part of every contract, whether completing the work himself or supervising one of our qualified team members. We pride ourselves in selecting industry-leading employees who have proven themselves as both experienced professionals as well as friendly, well-rounded and inviting individuals.

Hiring employees that you trust is crucial. Many of our Vancouver arborists’ employees are hired for on-site projects that take place on the personal properties of our clients. Inviting a stranger on to your property requires a high level of accountability in all elements of business. For this reason, we would only ever hire individuals that meet and surpass our own personal expectations and level of comfort. You would think that it might be difficult to find reliable people when the job itself is so dangerous. But even the most extreme thrill-seeker can be both well-rounded and personable.

We are a small local Vancouver and Richmond arborist company that offers high standards for all your arboricultural needs. The person who you talk with on the phone will be the person coming for your consultation, the person on site when the work commences, and the person there when work is completed. If you want a Professional, Punctual, Trustworthy, Quality, Insured and Proficient tree company hire the Contemporary Experts. We are also a Better Business Bureau accredited company.

We encourage all of our clients and potential clients to do their research when selecting an arborist service. As you may have guessed, trees can be quite a handful, and finding experts who are truly knowledgeable and have dynamic and applicable industry experience is essential. The risks attached to hiring an inexperienced team could range from a ruined lawn to a damaged roof or even death. Do not let these factors dissuade you, merely do your research and be sure to choose an accredited, proven and proficient business.
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